President Murray Park at Night

Posted in personal shoots by Hemant Naidu on February 7, 2010

Last week Saskatoon got a decent amount of snow leaving treacherous driving conditions, but great photo opportunities. The temperature was quite mild on Tuesday night so I went out to take some night shots at President Murray Park near the University of Saskatchewan. I typically do not take landscape type shots, let alone at night so I was looking forward to playing around.

On my drive to the park I unfortunately got rear-ended thanks to the extremely icy streets. This could have ended up ruining my plans for the evening, but I took comfort in knowing that no one was hurt, and that I wasn’t at fault so I continued along my way to the park. I spent about an hour walking around taking various shots only making use of available light. Despite the terrible start to the evening I think I ended up finishing on a high note with some beautiful shots of Murray Park at night.