Concrete Wave Ad Shoot for DangerDynamite!

Posted in shoots by Hemant Naidu on January 29, 2010

Back in early December I met with Frank Collins, founder of the Saskatoon web design company DangerDynamite!. He had twelve months of advertisement space to fill in the popular skateboarding print magazine Concrete Wave so he was looking at getting some shots for that purpose. Since it was a skate magazine he wanted to make the advertisement relevant to the readership, but there was a bit of a problem since Saskatoon was in the dead of winter.

Frank and I discussed some concepts, and he thought the idea of capturing “skateboarding in the off-season in Saskatchewan” would capture what he was going for. We scheduled a shoot so that we could make his deadline, but our luck was terrible – we were in the middle of a major cold spell when the date finally rolled around.

We had no choice so we decided to go for it. We made our way to the Lions Riverside Skatepark despite the bitterly cold -35 degrees celsius temperature and got through the photo-shoot as quickly as possible. We wrapped things up and headed back to our vehicles. After saying good-bye to Frank I was feeling a little uncomfortable that we had rushed through the shots. I decided to go back out and fire off a few more frames just to be sure.

You can see the Concrete Wave Advertisement Shoot gallery here. The latest issue of the magazine has started running the ads featuring the photos shot by Naidu Photography, so be sure to check it out at your favourite bookstore.

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