Brunswick Collaboration Agreements

Posted in Uncategorized by Hemant Naidu on September 12, 2021

Model agreements are starting points and their use is not mandatory. You should decide which of the 7 approaches is more appropriate and negotiate with the other party before you start working on the project. None of the 7 research cooperation agreements deal with common ownership of intellectual property. Examples of co-ownership clauses can be found in the Type A Consortium Agreement. Guidelines have been developed to understand when and how de Lambert model agreements are used. The comments also set out in more detail the role and terminology of formulations in agreements. There are two model agreements, one for bipartite cooperation agreements and the other for multi-party consortium agreements. These agreements can be used to start negotiations to agree on the fundamental principles of your project. These help to identify important problems at an early stage of the project and identify solutions. The Intellectual Property Office has cooperated with a number of international parties to create separate cooperation agreements in a number of countries. Model collaborative research agreements are in place.

You will also find guidelines for the management of intellectual property in the context of international cooperation and a guide for cross-border decisions from the European Commission. Where staff members are involved in the research, the contractor should consider the most effective way to formally manage this agreement. For NIHR-funded research, most of the time, it is through a cooperation agreement. Several templates are available as a starting point (see below) and, in fact, institutions often have their own, but such an agreement should be specific to the agreement in question and adapted to the context of its use. To help you choose which of the 7 model research cooperation agreements best fits the circumstances of your project, a decision guide guides you through some of the principles and criteria you want to take into account when deciding on ownership and rights of use of intellectual property. It may be useful to read this guide before using any of the Model Research Cooperation Agreements. The original agreements, developed by the Brunswick Group, have been revised and updated by an initiative sponsored by the Russell Group. To find the full list of organizations that have signed up to use these templates, please click here.