Traduzione Software License Agreements

Posted in Uncategorized by Hemant Naidu on April 13, 2021

7.3. Return conditions. As part of our customer satisfaction obligation, you may unjustifily and unjustifily terminate your initial order for the applicable software under this contract, providing termination and returning the applicable software to Atlassian no later than 30 (30) days after the order date of this software. In the event that you terminate your initial order in accordance with this Section 7.3, Atlassian may disable the license key that authorized the software to operate and, at your request (which can be made via your account), Atlassian will refund you the amount paid under such an order. This right of termination and refund applies only to your original order and only if you exercise your right to terminate within the aforementioned time frame and does not apply to additional services. You understand that Atlassian may in future modify this practice in accordance with Section 21 (Changes to this Agreement). “Licence duration” refers to your authorized license period for the software as specified in an order. 3.2. Restrictions. Unless expressly authorized to the contrary in this Agreement, you: a) do not modify, modify, modify or create works derived from part of the software; (b) leasing, leasing, distribution, sale, sublicensing, transfer or access to software to third parties; (c) to use the software for the benefit of third parties; (d) integrate the software into a product or service that you provide to third parties; (e) disrupt a license key mechanism in the software or otherwise bypass mechanisms in the software to limit your use; (f) reverse engineering, decomplexation, decompilation, translation or any other derivative of source code, underlying ideas, algorithms, file formats or non-public APIs to the software, unless applicable legislation specifically allows it (and only in advance to us); (g) remove or conceal proprietary or other information contained in the software; (h) use the software for competitive analysis or competitive products; (i) publicly disseminate information about the software`s performance; or (j) encourage or help others to make one of the previous problems. 22.2. Force majeure. Neither party is responsible for the other party`s delays or non-compliance with an obligation of this Agreement (except non-payment of royalties) where the delay or failure is due to events that are not subject to appropriate control of that party, such as strike, blockade, war, terrorism, riots, natural disasters , failures or supply of electricity or data networks or services.

or the denial of a licence by a government agency. 13.4. Effects of dismissal. After the end or end of the agreement, your license expires for the software (even if the validity of the license is “unlimited” or if your order does not indicate an expiration date) and you must stop using and deleting all confidential software and information or other Atlassian hardware in your possession (or return them at our request).