Film Yang Sama Dengan Wedding Agreement

Posted in Uncategorized by Hemant Naidu on April 9, 2021

But in the end, because Tari and Bian are still together and so close, they end up feeling comfortable as an ordinary husband and an ordinary woman who never make promises, and who are amazed, finally Sarah was married by her family, and Bian always chooses Tari as companion forever, without interruption Sarah again. Wedding Agreement is an Indonesian feature film by Starvision Plus from 2019, based on the novel of the same name by Eria Chuzaimiah aka Mia Chuz. Well, this Film by Twivortiare tries to get a message out about the importance of maintaining communication with couples. If he requires solid work, it would be better if he had a special time. The film scene ends with a wedding scene from Aldi and De Sarah. After the novel by Asma Nadia, Fedi Nuril, Laudya Cynthia Bella and Raline Shah play the main roles. The film, which highlights the taboo subject of polygamy in Indonesia, revolves around Pras, a young man who has lost his suicidal mother since childhood. But the disaster was present when byan, on the first day they lived together, suddenly gave the letter on the marriage contract. Tari tries to melt Byan`s heart by continuing to serve as a woman, but Byan ignores her.

The film starring Shireen Sungkar tells the story of Farah, a woman who is afraid to have sex with her own husband, David. Farah`s fears are actually related to past traumas. Once, Bian tari asks to go to her house for her father`s birthday. Bian asks Tari to be friendly, starting with holding hands. Bian`s cousin, Aldi, arrives and Tari is warned not to approach him. Aldi first knew about its relationship with Sarah. Tari asks for a gift because he`s nice to Bian`s parents. It agrees and Tari asks to accompany it in its purchases according to budgetary needs.

Tari even asked Bian to accompany her to the sushi dinner in her store.