Executed Franchise Agreement

Posted in Uncategorized by Hemant Naidu on April 9, 2021

3. The franchisee changes the colour scheme and layout of the premises and amends or makes modifications to its signs, buildings and structures that franchisor reasonably must present: in order to effectively distinguish this difference from its previous appearance and any other franchised activity of the Home Centers Cleaning of America, and if the franchisee does not comply or refuses to do so, the franchisor has the right to enter the premises where these transactions are made without being guilty of guilt or other unlawful act to make such changes at the franchisee`s expense or to make such changes which the franchise must pay upon request; A franchise agreement is a legally binding document that describes the terms and conditions of a franchisor for a franchisee. These conditions apply to each franchise, which are generally described in a written agreement between the two parties. 3. The franchisor`s option under this agreement does not affect his rights under a security agreement he holds or for which he may have an interest in the guarantee or guarantee. If Franchisor exercises one of the above options, it may settle any debts that the franchisee owes to it and/or third parties, including, but not limited to, designated suppliers and suppliers, and return a balance of the purchase price to the franchisee. There is no help for the DenK value. (a) all rights, securities and interests on and on a trademark, trademark, service mark, trade secret, system, operating manual and associated good value belong to the franchise, and no rights, title or interest will be transferred or transferred. Franchisees recognize the franchisee`s exclusive right (with the exception of certain rights granted under existing and future franchise and licensing agreements) to use the licence fees and to guarantee and approve that franchisees do not directly or indirectly challenge or support the validity or ownership of the licence rights for the duration of the agreement, expiry or expiry of this contract, or take no action in the event of non-application of the licence fee. Franchisor must not be isolated, either in partnership, or in relation to a person, a company or a company, whether it is a client, a representative, a shareholder or employee, or in any other way, directly or indirectly, to continue or operate, or borrow money, to guarantee debts or obligations of a Home Cleaning Centers of America or to be deductible in the franchise area of Facility A, franchisor is not permitted to hold, operate or franchise a similar business in that exclusive zone.