Saskatoon Fashion Shoot – A Local Business Collaboration

Posted in fashion photography, lifestyle photography, shoots by Hemant Naidu on April 10, 2011

A couple of months ago I had the opportunity to collaborate with three other Saskatoon businesses – Mint Fashion Company, Chop Chop Salon, and Lifetime Productions. None of us had worked together before, but we hoped that the four of us could leverage each of our specialities to make some stunning photographs. Mint Fashion Company was kind enough to provide three outfits for Katrina Ham of Lifetime Productions to model, while Jennilee Cardinal-Schultz and Amanda Dreis from Chop Chop Salon styled her hair and worked their magic with the make-up.

Even though it was the end of February, I was really hoping to do the shoot outside. We were getting unusually mild temperatures during the lead-up to the shoot, but when the day finally arrived things had returned to normal and the great outdoors was no longer an option. I knew that some of the newly renovated buildings at the University of Saskatchewan were promising for indoor locations so just as a precaution I had scouted the area a few weeks prior.

Fortunately it was February break so there was barely anyone at the University. This gave Katrina and I the luxury of just taking our time and using each location to its fullest. We spent a couple hours together wandering around campus taking advantage of the bountiful light flowing into so many different areas.

I must say that it was a pleasure working with these other local companies. All of them were class acts and I would highly recommend stopping in and connecting with them – you won’t be disappointed. I hope you enjoy the photographs that I captured.

ClothingMint Fashion Company
Hair/MakeupChop Chop Salon, Jennilee Cardinal-Schultz and Amanda Dreis
Model/CoordinatorLifetime Productions, Katrina Ham

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