Fear Salesman Promo Shots

Posted in shoots by Hemant Naidu on January 23, 2010

Nate Heagy recently made international news with a marketing idea for his band Fear Salesman. When the Google Street View Car made it’s way through the streets of Saskatoon last summer Nate made sure that he was in its sights. Six months later when Street View went live in Saskatoon Nate quickly verified that his idea had paid off. Pictured on the side of the road is Nate, his guitar, and a big Fear Salesman sign.

It wasn’t long before news organizations caught wind of this little marketing ploy and the interviews started to roll in for Nate. That’s where Naidu Photography entered the picture. Nate was starting to be asked for media packages and he didn’t have any decent shots of himself. He asked for my help and I was happy to oblige. We scheduled a quick shoot and created some great shots.

You can see the Fear Salesman Promo gallery here.

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